Educational Ministries

Education without vision is wasted effort and meaningless instruction.
Partnerships for Excellence Education Ministry is a multi-faceted ministry that promotes the spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development and maturation of all children, ages birth to grade 12. By encouraging active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act responsibly, we assist in the preparation of all children for career, college, and life readiness. Our goal is to unlock each child’s hidden potential and unleash the champion inside. We believe that all children learn thus, we are compelled to provide the assistance that is necessary to ensure that every learning opportunity has positive and productive results.
This ministry is comprised of several divisions; Out of the Box Childcare Center, birth to toddlers; Out of the Box Children’s Ministry; Never Too Young (N2Y) Ministry, ages 5-12; Partnerships for Excellence Volunteer Program; Partnerships for Excellence General Educational Development (GED Assistance) Program, Hesed Summer and After-School Program; Fall Back to School Bash; Partnerships for Excellence Recognition Ceremonies (Graduation/Promotion Ceremony; African American History Program, etc.) and Technology Center.
Education simply put is the imparting and acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning. Many people believe that it begins in an institution of learning. This is very true however, the institution of learning is not limited to the a little red schoolhouse that sits in the very center of town whereby learning is to take place for all in attendance. Though the school is the focal point of a community, education began with individuals long before they ever crossed the threshold of a building designated for learning. Even before the creation of the world, the Creator of the Universe assessed the current situation, devised and implemented a plan for improvement, and assessed to ensure that the desired outcome was met.
A fetus is educated by its interaction with an expectant mother. A child is educated of proper etiquette of the home. A teacher is educated by administration of the policies and procedures of classroom. Local merchants are even educated on what to offer by observing the needs of the community. And the list goes on and on. Education offers different things to different people at different times. Apart from Almighty God, Education is the essential foundation whereby any society becomes civilized and productive.
Education is not a commodity. It is not simply the gathering and regurgitation of facts and theories. It encompasses a means of reaching depths and heights we are otherwise unable to seek after or apprehend. Education is the dividing factor between a visionary and a dreamer. A dreamer is one who envisions yet does not act. He/She becomes trapped in what could be. A visionary is one who gives life to an image. He/She engages into what is to bring about what is to come.
Education is what causes you to stop dreaming and start doing. It causes one to step outside what is the norm, look beyond what has been, and launch forward into greater achievements. Education causes one to quit waiting for the next trend but to enables one to take life by the horns and give it some direction. It builds self-respect, self-assurance, and self-understanding while steering one in the direction he/she should go.
Here at Shalom International Church, our philosophy is “education without vision is wasted effort and meaningless instruction”. It must be under girded with a desire and a passion to excel. It is the knowledge of putting one’s potentials to maximum use. Every human being on the face of this earth is born with a desire to learn. All of us possess hidden potential(s) that might not have been yet discovered. Education is simply the key that unlocks the door of ignorance and provides entrance into a world of tremendous prospects. Education is vision personified. It shapes our society yet it is also shaped by our society. There are many factors that filter in the kind of education one receives. Many have acquired a minimal education, a general education, a formal education or a basic education in life skills. But the essence of life is to obtain a great education.
It has been said that, “The strength of our country is the public school system. That strength will be even stronger- even stronger-when we insist that every child be measured, every problem corrected, and every child challenged to be the best he or she can be.”I believe that education is the force that will drive us to our destination, and we at Shalom International Church, under the auspices of Holy Spirit, are definitely on the right course as we continue to strive to meet the educational needs of all of humanity, thus the birthing of Partnerships for Education, the education ministry of Shalom International Church.
Joan H. White
Director of Partnerships for Education