Wailing Women’s Family Life CONFERENCE 2023
“Keeping The Unity In The Bounds OF Peace”
May 20, 2023
8:00 am                                                      Morning Glory with Elder Carolyn Rankins
8:30 am                                                      Morning Worship with  Worship Team
9:00 am                                                      Opening Session I:  Pastor Jonthan Downing
10:00 am                                                    Session II:   Prophet Joan White
                       Morning Worship  with Worship Team
11:00 am                                                    Session III: Dr. Ramai Jabulani
12:00 pm                                                   Lunch Session: TBD
                                                                     “Free Luncheon”
1:00 pm                                                      Worship with  Worship Team and Dance Ministry
2:00 pm                                                      Session IV  Pastor Maurice Downing
3:00 pm                                                     Session V:  Dr. Charlene Jabulani
                                                                    Break (10 min)
4:10 pm                                                     Session VI:   Gift Hour and Offering
4:25pm                                                      Session VII:  Pastors Anthony and Jonthan Downing
                                                                                            Remarks and Closing
                                                                    Conference cost:  $35 per person, ages 18 and up
                                                                                                      Child Care will not be provided 
                                                                                                      lunch is provided               
                                                                    Conference site:  Shalom International Church
                                                                                                      Suite, 701-A, Edenton, N.C.  27932