“Wailing Women’s Family Life Conference”

“Establishing God’s Government”
Ephesians 4:3
The Annual Wailing Women’s Family Life Conference was birthed out of the Womb of God and called forth to materialize for such a time as this. The call for “skilled and devoted women” to pray, is the cry of the Holy Spirit. Groanings made by the Holy Spirit brings the mind of God to His people in this day and time. It is birthed out of a real relationship with God. That is why this conference is so timely and important. It is to prepare and develop men, women and children of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds for a fresh move and Word from God. When this is accomplished, we will be able to wail or take up a lamentation and will be prepared for the next level, groaned for by the Spirit! We believe and wait with great expectation that what God is doing at this conference will be a life changing moment in time. We know we can stand on that because  it’s  what He longs for.